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Machane Yehuda
Elie G. Kouz, Armenian Pottery
The Ubiquitous Cell Phone
A Tender Moment
Bar Mitzvah Procession
Katie & Sarah finish dessert
Katie & Sarah
Katie & Sarah
Dessert 2
The Jerusalem Roll
Sarah, Rabbi Rick, Katie & Chelsea.JPG
Sarah, Katie & Chelsea
MK Ofir Pines
Andy Busch, Dan Feder, Rick.JPG
Rabbi Rick & Rabbi Menashe Bleiweiss
Kippah Anyone?
Discounts for Supporting Israel
I'm Blogging This!
Instrument of Diplomacy
Rabbi Paul & Rabbi Rick
Rechov Jaffa
Bratzlaver Outreach
Swords into Plowshares
Tree from Terezin
A Tree of Life
The Eternal Flame
Garden of the Righteous
Lifeline for the Old
Memories of the Green Line
'Men Only'
Kotel Beit K'nesset
Notes to God
Prayers at the Wall
Stairs Leading Down to the Wall
H.U.C. Meditative Spot
Rick in H.U.C. Desk
H.U.C. Fountain
Haj Sign 4
Haj Sign 3
Haj Sign 2
Haj Sign 1
Old City Alley
The Western Wall/The Kotel
Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel