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    • Dan Nichols & e18teen: My Heart is in the East
      I was looking for some music to get me into the proper mood for Yom Kippur. I chose this one because the song Or Zarua appears at the beginning of the Erev Yom Kippur service, and then the following song, Kehilla Kedosha quotes the Torah portion from the next morning's service. The album is soulful and ethereal and perfect for my High Holyday preparation. Thanks Dan!
    • Rabbi Joe Black: Aleph Bet Boogie
      This is good music for kids. The kind of music that adult can enjoy listening to with their kids and not being reduced to infantile babbling.
    • Rabbi Joe Black: Sabbatical
      Rabbi Black is a talented musician and thoughtful songwriter and we're blessed to have him come and play in our sukkah this year!
    • Julie Silver: It's Chanukah Time
      Julie is one of my absolute favorite Jewish artists. Her voice is beautiful and sweet. She is a talented musician who writes consistently pleasant music. This album is a must in your Chanukah music collection!
    • Matisyahu -

      Matisyahu: Youth
      The latest by reggae/rap artist Matisyahu. If you're into reggae or rap you should check this out. It's certainly unique.

    • Mah Tovu: Only This
      One of my favorite Jewish albums
    • The LeeVees -

      The LeeVees: Hanukkah Rocks
      The most fun Chanukah album I've listed to in a long time.

    • Matisyahu -

      Matisyahu: Live at Stubb's
      A combination of Reggae and Hip Hop from a practitioner of Chabad Judaism - need I say more!

    • Beignet Yisrael - Shehecheyanu

      Beignet Yisrael: Four Jewish Doughnuts in New Orleans

      A fun group of two cantors, a cantorial soloist and a rabbi from New Orleans. I hope there will be good reasons to sing Shehecheyanu in New Orleans soon.

    • Preservation Hall Jazz Band - When the Saints Go Marchin' In

      When the Saints Go Marchin' In
      Preservation Hall Jazz Band: Best of

      On the wall in Preservation Hall is a sign that gives the cost of requests: $1 for Traditional songs, $2 for others and $5 for 'Saints.' Not because it's a bad song, quite the opposite. It's the most requested, classic Dixieland piece. I hope the sign is still there right now.

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    Thanks, Rabbi for your participation in the interfaith community and joining others in trying to come up with some solutions for an enormous problems. I work with many kids who come from areas similar to those you visited and hear their problems daily. For some of them, just getting to school is an accomplishment. And some just don't make it due to a plethora of financial and family problems.

    Smadar Aviv

    I read about the bus tour and wondered if "we Jews" were there. I was so happy to see you were part of the group.
    Thank you for representing us. It's never clear how much people of poverty and different race and ethnicity want "strangers" to enter their communities to help. So many times politics is involved and the help offered is not the help wanted. I hope this is a genuine effort and I am glad we can be part of it. Yishar koach Rabbi Rick!!!

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